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Team Work Makes The Dream Work

By Guest Blogger: Julie Smith Training with this team has been such a blessing in my life. I’ve created some amazing friendships and I’m thankful for this dream team. As I like to say (and so does Coach,) “Team work makes the dream work.”... read more

Do it Again

By Guest Blogger: Jessica Hall Do it again. This is a phrase getting me through some of the tougher training moments lately. With our half marathon less than three months away, we are far past what I have ever done before as a runner. Each day I have to choose to... read more

Beat Grow Live- Marathon Style

By Guest Blogger: Juliane Kilcoyne Isabella’s wish was to BEAT Cancer, GROW Hair and LIVE my Dream – for any supporter of ISF, these words are never far from our hearts. As a Dream Team Member in the middle of marathon training, these words hold additional... read more

The Faces of ISF…Meet Colleen Hinsberg

Names/ages of children: Julia (13) Meghan (10) Brittany (26) Years married and to whom:  Tom Hinsberg (20 years) Years in Charlotte:  16 Neighborhood: Tega Cay, SC Hometown: Sarasota, FL College Alumni: Florida State University Occupation: Director of Sales- Contour... read more

… Because You Run.

In December 2009, I ran my first marathon.  Earlier that year I had taken a trip to Memphis with my husband to take a tour of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, as his company had just signed on to become a corporate sponsor.  I had been running for about a year... read more

Running to Zero

#Runningtozero I tossed and turned in bed. I knew my mind was racing. I had this feeling a lot back in the day and I know how to fix it. I had to write. I knew that if I did my mind would settle and I could sleep. But the “new” Erin convinced myself that my anxiety... read more

This Isn’t My First Rodeo

As an original dream team member, and someone that this isn’t my first rodeo for training for a half-marathon, you may think I love running all the time. Sometimes I do feel like this: (Photo credit: Tom Patania) But sometimes, it is a struggle to get out there... read more

The Faces of ISF…Meet Rachel Wood

Names/ages of children: Asher (9), Haldo (20) and Conrad Jr (25) Years married and to whom: Conrad- 12 years Years in Charlotte: 14 yrs Neighborhood: Piper Glen Area Hometown: New Bern, NC College Alumni: Meredith College, Raleigh NC Occupation: For the past 10 years,... read more

I’m a Gym Class failure.

Let me rephrase that. I’m the daughter of a PE teacher AND a Gym Class failure. In Junior High School I wouldn’t run a mile. Not a single mile. The thought of getting sweaty, of being lapped by the athletic kids, of coming in last, was just too much. So instead, I did... read more