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The Isabella Santos Foundation is a tax-deductible 501 (c) 3 that was created in honor of Isabella Santos who fought Neuroblastoma for over 5 years. The goal of the Foundation is to raise money and awareness for Neuroblastoma research, provide financial assistance to families with children who are suffering from cancer as well as provide financial support for organizations that support children with cancer.

Erin Santos - Isabella Santos Foundation

Erin Santos

President, Board of Directors

Stuart Santos

Vice President, Board of Directors

Maitland Danner

Development Director

Karen Laughton

Director of Administration, Board of Directors

Rachel Wood

Director of Marketing, Board of Directors

Colleen Hinsberg

Race Director, Board of Directors

Toni Huff

Director of Small Business Fundraising, Board of Directors

Jeff Laughton

Director of Corporate Fundraising, Board of Directors

Connie Myers

Director of Communications, Board of Directors

Don Santos

Treasurer, Board of Directors